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Appointment Bookings

Everyone’s life experience is unique. In sharing personal experiences it is important to feel trust and support. This means the first counselling appointment is not only about assessing your needs and what approaches are most suitable given your situation, but also exploring whether working with one of us is the right choice for you. 

Dr Thomas Dellman consults Tuesdays and Jo Gniel consults Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Online appointment availability is only displayed 14 days in advance. 

This is so the clients we start working with get the support they need.

We do have schedule changes each week, so if you are unable to find an appointment time that suits today, let us know your availability, complete the ENQUIRY FORM below. 

We will give you a call when an appointment becomes available.

Enquiry Form

If you are unable to find an appointment time that suits or are curious to know more, then please get in touch.

Please indicate your availability for appointments by selecting the times below.


Your details are kept confidential

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