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Our deep-seated yearning for connection

Categories: Relationships

In Western cultures, dependency is a dirty word. In our world, healthy adulthood has been defined by emotional independence and self-sufficiency. In essence our culture encourages us to draw an emotional moat around ourselves.

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A thought by Jo Gniel | Counsellor Melbourne | a collection of interesting things

Mental Health Week and beyond: How can you improve your mental health and wellbeing?

Categories: Wellbeing

It was mental health week last week. Around Melbourne (and I’m sure further afield too) events to raise awareness were hosted by numerous organisations. While the week may be over, I’d like to continue to encourage all Australians to take...

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why do couples fight

Why do couples fight? (and how to redirect the energy)

Categories: Relationships

We fight with those we care about the most because those are the relationships that matter.

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The changing face of couple relationships

Categories: Relationships

As a couples counsellor it is important for me to keep up to date with the latest research on couple therapy. It has been a complex decade for growth in knowledge of factors that promote strong marriages, the process that...

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Something personal....

Not so long ago my life was really different. I was a senior leader with a global blue chip company. I did interesting work. I was financially secure and living internationally but I realised I was not content and my...

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How to survive a relationship break up

Categories: Relationships

It is never easy when a relationship ends. Whether you initiated or were on the receiving end of a breakup, loss of a relationship; a bond between intimates can be one of the most painful experiences of our lives.

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Why would you see a counsellor? - No. 2

It may be you feel stuck or have no sense of purpose.

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Why would you see a counsellor? - No. 1

At The Health and Wellbeing Studio, we have been reflecting on what might inspire people to really look after themselves, not just the physical but also the mental, emotional, spiritual and relational aspects of life.

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A thought by Jo Gniel | Counsellor Melbourne | a collection of interesting things

It was mental health week last week. Around Melbourne (and I’m sure further afield too) events to ra... read more

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