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Life Transitions Counselling

life is filled with challenges and transitions, both expected and unexpected. How we navigate these has the potential to impact our sense of self, our relationships and wellbeing.

At landscape of life the focus is on helping you discover your own unique values, strengths and resources, to enhance your capacity to cope and respond to life transitions and maintain or restore your sense of wellbeing.

Who is life transitions counselling for?

Life transition counselling is for people who have experienced change, creating uncertainty, vulnerability and emotional exposure as a result of:

  • -Infertility, pregnancy loss or miscarriage
  • -Becoming parents
  • -Child developmental transitions, starting childcare, kinder or school, adolescence or as a result of illness or disability
  • -Separation and divorce
  • -Post separation parenting
  • -Step parenting and the unique dynamics of stepfamily relationships
  • -Career change, job loss or redundancy
  • -The diagnosis, treatment or survivorship of cancer or other serious illness
  • -Ageing
  • -Grief and loss

Life transitions counselling can help you:

  • -Develop strategies to enhance your capacity to cope
  • -Manage feelings of loss of control and changes in roles and responsibilities
  • -Problem solve and identify inner resources to respond
  • -Reduce the sense of isolation and aloneness
  • -Manage feelings of distress and develop a greater sense of calm
  • -Maintain a sense of hope
  • -Help make sense of the experience
  • -Increase your sense of wellbeing
  • -Re-establish the ability to manage the tasks of daily life
  • -Renew a sense of connection and the wellbeing of your relationships with others
  • -Improve your confidence and restore a sense of self

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Life transitions counselling sessions

Life transition counselling sessions with Jo Gniel (held either in-person, via Skype/ FaceTime or by telephone) are usually conducted weekly or fortnightly. You are welcome to choose intervals that suit your personal needs. The opportunity to check in with Jo on a regular ongoing basis is invaluable. If your counselling sessions are in-person, you will be meeting Jo 

@The Health and Wellbeing Studio
1160 Toorak Rd
Camberwell, Melbourne

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Life transitions counselling fees

landscape of life provide marriage, couples and relationship counseling using an Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) approach in Camberwell, Melbourne.

Counselling consultation fees (single session) are as follows:

  • -Counselling consultation (business hours) - $160/hour
  • -Counselling consultation (after hours) - $180/hour

Initial counselling consultations:

  • -Individuals - 1 hour
  • -Couples - 1.5 hour
  • -Couples in crisis - 2 hours

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