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Couples Counselling

The core need for love and acceptance cuts across gender. Sharing your life in a meaningful way in a stable, loving relationship is fundamental to human happiness and wellbeing. But sometimes we need a little help.

Who is couples counselling for?

It may be difficult to understand how your relationship has evolved over time. Some couples are able to navigate the challenges of life, misunderstandings or hurts and seemingly ‘bounce back’ resolving things relatively easily. Other couples get stuck; stressors and misunderstandings evolve into a pattern of negative interactions and the couple are unable to resolve differences. This fundamentally affects how close, secure and respected you may feel in the relationship. Couples Counselling is for people who want to enrich a healthy relationship, renew a tired one or repair a relationship that has gone awry. 

Couples counselling can help you:

  • -Develop a shared understanding of the difficult patterns and emotional distance that has emerged within your couple relationship
  • -De-escalate conflict
  • -Create new interactions in which you and your partner are able to clearly express your needs and be responsive to each other
  • -Manage relationship stressors more effectively and develop a greater sense of calm.
  • -Understand how to create healthy communication
  • -Reduce feelings of loneliness and distress
  • -Re-discover intimacy and sexuality
  • -Rescue a relationship after infidelity, or an affair
  • -Understand and experience how to build a secure bond with a relationship partner.

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How will the couples counsellor support me?

Our couple counsellor will help you go deeper into understanding yourself and your partner and what happens between you both when problems arise.  Our couples counsellor will help you heal past hurts, strengthen trust and develop a relationship that could look and feel very different to the relationship that has been troubling you. 

How does couples counseling work?

The approach to couples Counselling at landscape of life is informed by Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), one of only two approaches to couples therapy that are supported by research and endorsed by the American Psychological Association.

A substantial body of research exists outlining EFT is an effective approach to Couples Counselling. EFT is also used in counseling families and individuals. 

All couple relationships experience good times and bad. Sometimes keeping a relationship strong can be challenging. Seeking support early can be the best way to ensure things don’t get harder.

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Couples counselling sessions

Couples Counselling sessions with Jo Gniel (held either in-person or via Skype) are usually conducted weekly or fortnightly. Relationship intensives are also available. You are welcome to choose intervals that suit your personal needs. The opportunity to check in with Jo on a regular ongoing basis is invaluable. If your counselling sessions are in-person, you will be meeting Jo at:

The Health and Wellbeing Studio
1160 Toorak Rd
Camberwell, Melbourne

Couples counselling fees

Counselling consultation fees (single session) are as follows:

  • -Counselling consultation (business hours) - $160/hour
  • -Counselling consultation (after hours) - $180/hour

Initial counselling consultations:

  • -Individuals - 1 hour
  • -Couples - 1.5 hour
  • -Couples in crisis - 2 hours

Relationship Intensives

Sometimes in a couple relationship there are significant events that challenge a couple and intensive support maybe needed to help them through that period. Other couples want to dedicate time to focus their attention on growth within the relationship. This is where intensive support over a period of days or weeks may assist. Fees are available upon request

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