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Resilience Counselling

We encounter obstacles on every journey we make: the Wholehearted journey is no exception. (Brené Brown)

What is resilience?

Resilience is the process of positive adaptation in response to adversity that emerges as a result of trauma, tragedy, threat or significant sources of stress - such as family and relationship problems, serious illness, job loss, the death of a loved one, or financial issues.

Many people react to stressful circumstances with a flood of intense emotion and a sense of vulnerability or uncertainty. Yet, over time people generally adapt well to life changing situations and stressful events. 

Resilience is not a trait that some people have and others don’t. You may demonstrate resilience in one aspect of your life, yet struggle in another.

Being resilient does not mean the absence of struggle or distress. In fact the road to resilience is likely to be paved with considerable emotional vulnerability.  As a dynamic process of adaptation, resilience involves ways of thinking, behaviour and action in response to adversity. All of which can be learned and developed over time.

 Resilience counselling can help you:

  • -Learn how to lean into uncomfortable emotions
  • -Manage feelings of distress and develop a greater sense of calm
  • -Develop strategies to enhance your capacity to cope
  • -Problem solve and identify inner resources to respond
  • -Identify and develop personal strategies to enhance resilience
  • -Renew a sense of connection with others
  • -Problem solve and identify inner resources to respond
  • -Maintain hope
  • -Build shame resilience
  • -Reduce the sense of isolation and aloneness
  • -Cultivate courage and self compassion
  • -Restore your sense of self and a feeling of wellbeing

How does resilience counselling work?

Our approach recognises that everyday we experience uncertainty, risk and emotional exposure. We are vulnerable. Yet, there are a number of factors that influence our ability to develop strategies to move through the challenges and cultivate resilience. So our counselling approach has a strengths based orientation and integrates Emotionally Focused Therapy, Developmental Psychology, Models of Stress and Coping, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology to understand what will help influence meaningful change for each individual person. 

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Resilience counselling sessions

Resilience counselling sessions with Jo Gniel (held either in-person, via Skype/FaceTime or by telephone) are usually conducted weekly or fortnightly. You are welcome to choose intervals that suit your personal needs. The opportunity to check in with Jo on a regular ongoing basis is invaluable. If your counselling sessions are in-person, you will be meeting Jo at:

The Health and Wellbeing Studio
1160 Toorak Rd
Camberwell, Melbourne

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Counselling fees

Counselling consultation fees (single session) are as follows:

  • -Counselling consultation (business hours) - $160/hour
  • -Counselling consultation (after hours) - $180/hour

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