When all is said and done, where should you invest most of your time? Society demands that we strive to achieve goals like getting that sales bonus, achieving that MD position, winning best and fairest. While there is undoubtedly value in achievemen... Read More

I woke this morning to the news of Chris Cornell’s death. It’s devastating to hear that this talented musician, one of the great architects of the grunge music scene ended his own life. It pains me more to know that every day in Australia around five... Read More

The world is obsessed by the ideals of romantic love. Couples everywhere struggle in their quest for passion, love and intimacy.  The agonising truth is the course of love and the reality of an enduring relationship is complex. Without commitment, e... Read More

Couples often enter my counselling room complaining of the maladies of life living with their partner or they indicate having a communication problem. They get caught in conflict, their dance of disconnection and the associated angst and distress tha... Read More

I recently watched a TED talk about how falling in love is the easy part of developing a relationship by Mandy Len Catron. She is a writer that explores the dangers and pleasures of love stories through her blog The Love Story Project. It got me won... Read More

Almost twenty years ago, psychologist Arthur Aron and colleagues conducted research to explore whether it was possible to help strangers create closeness and develop a relationship by asking a series of specific personal questions. The idea is that ... Read More

Are you looking for love, like millions of other Australians? If so you might find yourself wondering whether your modern day fairytale will emerge from online dating.  While Internet dating services have become a common way to facilitate interactio... Read More

We fight with those we care about the most because those are the relationships that matter. Why do couples fight? While quarrels are often over specifics (money, the kids, who puts out the garbage, sex, the lack of it, etc.) the underlying reason is... Read More

In Western cultures, dependency is a dirty word. In our world, healthy adulthood has been defined by emotional independence and self-sufficiency. In essence our culture encourages us to draw an emotional moat around ourselves. To detach from our par... Read More

Summer is almost over. The world has completed New Year celebrations too. Throughout many would have made optimistic promises and resolutions. You may have started the year with the energy and drive to pursue your most idealistic aspirations. As the... Read More

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