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Appointment Bookings

Online counselling appointments only

Masks are still mandated indoors and COVID-19 restrictions are constantly changing. To protect clients, practitioners and the community from COVID-19, the safest way of providing services, and continuity of care is via online consulting. All services will be provided online via Zoom until further notice. 

While online consulting is new for many, Jo has more than 5 years experience providing counselling and psycho-education services online to clients in remote and regional Australia, as well as expatriates in parts of Asia, Europe and the US.

For information about fees or health insurance rebates refer to FAQs or contact us.

If you are unable to find a suitable appointment time, please complete the enquiry form below. 

Include your partner's full name, email address and phone number as a note in your booking too.

Everyone’s life experience is unique. In sharing personal experiences it is important to feel trust and support. This means the first counselling appointment is not only about assessing your needs and what approaches are most suitable given your situation, but also exploring whether working with Jo feels right for you.

Make an enquiry

If you wish to schedule an appointment, are curious to know more about workshops, coaching or retreats, then please get in touch. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

For appointment enquiries, please indicate your availability by selecting the times below.


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