Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

The core need for love and acceptance cuts across gender. Sharing your life in a meaningful way in a stable, loving relationship is fundamental to human happiness and wellbeing. 

Couples Counselling

Some couples are able to navigate the challenges of life, misunderstandings or hurts and seemingly ‘bounce back’ resolving things relatively easily. Other couples get stuck; stressors and misunderstandings evolve into a pattern of negative interactions and the couple are unable to resolve differences. This fundamentally affects how close, secure and respected you may feel in your couple relationship. 

Couples counselling can help you:

  • De-escalate conflict and develop a shared understanding of the difficult patterns and emotional distance that has emerged within your couple relationship
  • Create new interactions in which you and your partner are able to clearly communicate your longings, needs and fears a be responsive to each other
  • Manage relationship stressors more effectively, reduce feelings of loneliness, isolation and distress and develop a greater sense of calm
  • Rescue a relationship after infidelity, or an affair
  • Re-discover intimacy and sexuality
  • Understand and experience how to build a secure bond with a relationship partner.

“To really help couples find happiness, we must shore up the foundation of their relationship; that is, help them relay and rebuild their emotional connection” – Dr Sue Johnson

Couples Counselling at landscape of life is informed by Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples (EFTC), an approach that integrates the science of love and relationships with evidence based interventions to enrich, renew or repair a couple relationship. EFTC is supported by research and endorsed by the American Psychological Association. Jo Gniel is a certified Emotionally Focused Couples Therapist based in Glen Iris, Melbourne.  

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