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Feeling bored or disengage? Looking for change that will bring more happiness into your life?

Sometimes we notice ourselves feeling bored or disengaged, and we crave change in our work life. Sound familiar? Well your not alone. 

Did you know that we have an employee engagement crisis on our doorstep with over 70 per cent of Australians either ambivalent or completely disengaged in their jobs? This cost our economy an estimated $54.8 billion per annum. (Gallup 2013)  

Penny Locaso of BKindred is fast establishing herself as a purpose driven game changer with a bold vision to disrupt these saddening statistics by empowering 10,000 women to make positive change that provides happiness by 2020. Check out the Unstucker Program

With almost 20 years experience collaborating with professionals to find happiness in their work Penny has facilitated national sell out career change events and been engaged as a public speaker for the likes of LuluLemon, General Assembly, Girl Boss & One Roof. She has been published and quoted in the likes of Huffington Post, StartUp Smart, Smarter Magazine, The Age & The Sydney Morning Herald and writes tactical articles to empower others to create meaningful career change on LinkedIn. More recently she has Co-Founded a unique youtube series, The FBOMB Show, opening up real conversations for women in business.

Here Penny shares her thoughts on how she creates change in her own life. 

What do you believe are the biggest changes people seek in their life?

I believe one of the biggest changes people seek in their life is happiness.  Many of us get to a point and realise that the life we have is not the life we envisaged for ourselves and we start to ask questions as to why?  I think for many the definition of success shifts over time and comes back to the importance of connection, experiences and happiness as apposed to money, status and material items.  This questioning path quite often is the catalyst for change.

What do you do when you want to make change in your own life?

I face fear head on.  Change always comes with discomfort.  I believe anything worth having makes you feel uncomfortable at some point.  So I write down my Top 3 fears in relation to the change, work out what the worst thing is that could happen if those fears were realised, rate the impact and the liklihood on a scale of High, Medium or Low and then I create one action for each one that I can take to mitigate or manage the fear.  It’s powerful as your realise pretty quickly how you can make your fears so much bigger than what they are.  It’s also a sure fire way to wake up and realise that far to often the biggest barrier we have to change is ourselves.

How do you help people create change in their lives?

I believe in skilling people to stand on their own two feet by providing simple tactics that enable change that is sustainable.  I believe that their are four foundational pillars to getting Unstuck and kick starting a change // Courage (The You), Clarity (The What), Change (The How), Connection (The Who).  I bring these pillars to life and empower others to make change through workshops, online programs, public speaking, tactical blogging and most recently a YouTube TV show called The FBOMB Show. 

Where do you go for ideas and inspiration when developing a plan for change?

The MasterMind.  The one thing I miss most from my corporate days is the ability to turn around and talk to amazing people about ideas or problems I have.  So I decided to create my own.  I now how a Mastermind group of amazing female entrepreneurs who I connect with quarterly to strategically plan for my business.  What has come out of this group in terms of opportunities, collaborations and ideas continues to rock my world.

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