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How to make a change in your life

This week I have invited my colleague Bree Jenner from The Health and Wellbeing Studio to provide her thoughts on change. 

Bree has experience in the treatment of a range of health conditions, across all age groups, but is particularly interested in working with children and the elderly, with skin conditions, digestive complaints and improving mental health. I hope you find something that supports you in creating change in the landscape of your own life.

What do you believe are the biggest changes people seek in their life?

Ultimately, I believe that a desire to overcome or improve a state of ‘normal’ that isn’t serving them.  From a naturopathic perspective, this may present as a stressful situation, pain or discomfort, mood changes or fatigue, and the different body systems and areas of life that can be impacted by these symptoms.  People may be searching for support for an issue or illness that may be affecting their work, their relationships, or to improve their feeling of vitality, strength and wellness.

Change can be challenging, exciting, empowering and uncomfortable, quite often taking a number of attempts or approaches to adapt to something new.  Any change that shakes up a person’s understanding of themselves – something as simple as cutting out or changing certain foods as a result of an intolerance or allergy can cause ripples across many layers of self – family traditions, food preparation and time management if making lunches, re-imagining favourite foods for celebrating, coping with stress, habits and cravings.

What do you do when you want to make change in your own life?

When preparing to make a considered change, I like to prepare by reading and asking questions of people in my life, such as family, friends and colleagues.  With some changes I find that by talking through the change with my close support network, or with more specialised support, such as a counsellor, personal trainer or business coach – I find I need to have the support to hold myself accountable or find someone who will!  Asking for help is often key to working through the

It took me a number of years to learn to ask for help when I needed it.  Working with my clients and seeing the courage and bravery it takes to ask for help when change becomes too heavy has been a huge influence in how I see change and to be kind to myself whilst I iron out the wrinkles.

How do you help people create change in their lives?

My role is to provide information and education to help them navigate the road ahead.  I provide ongoing support throughout the process, working through any challenges and surprises together as a team.  As a naturopath, our first step is to understand the underlying cause behind the need for change, as this is a driving force to the type of change that is required, and the best way to approach it. I believe our most powerful tool is to use Food as Medicine.  I enjoy helping people find a way to use the food they eat in a way that makes them feel great, long term.  This might include developing individual recipes and meal plans.  Creating positive change around diet and lifestyle may also include helping people to understand the source of stress or imbalance and how it flows through to different areas of their life and body, or understanding relationships with the food they are eating or their lifestyle and how that impacts where they are at.  This is where access to additional support networks such as counselling, support groups or even further reading can build strength and resilience to change.

Where do you go for ideas and inspiration when developing a plan for change?

I believe that change is a continuous process, with ebbs and flows in the degree of difficulty or challenge.  I find that the best ideas and inspiration for change within my own life comes from connecting with others who have a knowledge, an understanding or a passion around the change that can help to ignite or build an idea for change.  Sometimes the extra may help to work through obstacles to the change, or a brainstorming session over a soy hot chocolate with a friend to help untangle the details.  Depending on the change, ideas and inspiration may see me pouring over recipe books and favourite cooks, chefs and bloggers or listening to podcasts or seminars of people or businesses I admire.


Bree is a qualified naturopath and a member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA). She uses her skills as a naturopath to educate, support and empower families in achieving optimal health and vitality.

Bree develops individual treatment plans with her clients to achieve their personal health goals using evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicine as well as dietary and lifestyle suggestions. She is passionate about food as medicine to support the body's innate ability to heal itself, and loves developing new recipes and eating plans for specific conditions as well as to prevent illness and promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Bree has experience in the treatment of a range of health conditions, across all age groups, but is particularly interested in working with children and the elderly, with skin conditions, digestive complaints and to improve mental health. She consults at The Health and Wellbeing Studio in Camberwell, Melbourne.

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