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How to start moving towards self-acceptance and happiness

When we are contemplating change it is really important to get clear about the aspects of life that are not working for us.

My colleague Dr Megan Azer a Chiropractor and Certified NET Practitioner practicing at The Health and Wellbeing Studio shares her thoughts on what she finds helpful when she recognises it is time for change. 

What do you believe are the biggest changes people seek in their life?

I think ultimately it’s to move closer towards self-acceptance and happiness and in order to achieve this, change needs to come about in many different facets of life.  The motivation is usually awareness on something not going right or well in ones life, and therefore wanting better for themselves.  It may be changes with physical health, personal success and career, or emotional wellbeing and relationships (just to name a few). 

What do you do when you want to make change in your own life?

Initially I try and do some self-reflection; checking in to see what’s not feeling right, what it is I want to achieve.  Then I’ll get to thinking of any action steps I can take to get one step closer towards my goal.  At times this can be difficult, particularly if the end goal feels so far out of reach – it can feel overwhelming.  I may call on practitioners or mentors to help guide me.  For my health goals, I like to check in with my chiropractor or naturopath.  For business, I love to listen to podcasts, or utilize kinesiology or NET (Neuro-Emotional technique) to help identify any underlying blocks that are holding me back from achieving what I want. 

How do you help people create change in their lives?

As a Chiropractor, many people may associate me with helping change physical problems with the body such as pain and stiffness.  While this is true, my aim is to look at my clients holistically and assess their overall health.  This not only includes the physical or structural issues, but also emotional stressors, nutritional factors and chemical imbalance in the body.  I also aim to empower clients through education and aim to offer specific tools and resources to help manage their problem between visits.  I find this way of working sets up the foundations for long-term change, rather then just a short-term solution. 

Where do you go for ideas and inspiration when developing a plan for change?

As mentioned above, I aim to practice what I preach and utilize a range of practitioners and mentors depending on what it is I’m working towards.  I find that by talking to someone separate to my situation can often shed light on ideas I may not have thought about and can give clarity on steps to move forward.  I also love to read – usually reaching for different books or scrolling through the Internet for blog posts from people I respect in different industries.  Sometimes I find the best way to gain inspiration is to switch off from it all – whether that is doing some meditation, exercise or getting into nature.  Quite often I can fall into the trap of taking “too much” action and asking too many people for advice, which can cloud things more.  By allowing myself some time and having patience, quite often the answers will become clear to me.  Ultimately, only you can decide what is best for you.  You have to really want the change for yourself, not for anybody else.  


Dr Megan Azer is a Chiropractor and Certified NET Practitioner practicing in Camberwell and Melbourne CBD. 

Megan attained her Masters of Clinical Chiropractic at RMIT in 2008.  Throughout her time in practice, she’s continued to gain further knowledge in Paediatric and Pregnancy care, nutritional care and Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), completing Certification in 2012.

She is passionate about natural healthcare and believes strongly that the body has the ability to heal itself.  Utilizing a holistic approach, Megan's goal for her patients is to identify the cause of their problem, not just mask the symptoms.  Megan wants to empower her patients through education, so they achieve long-term results.

Megan can be reached through:

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