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Stress Management

Throughout life, we will all experience stress. Some stress is helpful and keeps us focused and motivated. Yet, the high levels of stress associated with the rush and haste of modern life has significant negative consequences to our wellbeing.

Who is stress management for?

These days we are more likely to check our devices, than we are to check in with ourselves. Despite this, the ability to manage stress is a basic human need, central to our wellbeing, creation of healthy relationships (at home and work) and a happy, successful life.

Signs of stress you may have noticed:

  • -Being angry, irritable or moody
  • -Avoiding others or being more socially withdrawn
  • -Procrastinating or finding it difficult to focus or concentrate
  • -Expecting perfection in yourself and others
  • -Difficulty sleeping
  • -Using unhealthy ways of coping with stress:
    • -Zoning out, in front of the TV or computer for hours
    • -Using alcohol, drugs or prescription medicines to relax
    • -Over eating or under eating
    • -Smoking
    • -Filling every minute of the day, to avoid being along or addressing issues 
  • -Feeling tired, fatigued or exhausted
  • -Experiencing physical symptoms such as:
    • -Back or neck pain
    • -Heightened sense of pain
    • -Ageing
    • -Hot flushes, night sweats
    • -Muscular tensions
    • -Dizziness
    • -Headaches
    • -Tightness in your chest or elevated heart rate
    • -Upset stomach, diarrhoea, nausea or indigestion

How can stress management help you?

  • -Identify sources of stress and current coping strategies
  • -Develop strategies to avert, alter, adapt or accept stress
  • -Introduce practical tools that are easily applied to everyday life
  • -Learn healthier ways to manage stress
  • -Manage strong impulses and emotions
  • -Change how you react or respond
  • -Regain a sense of control
  • -Enhance emotional intelligence
  • -Re-build connections and create healthy relationship

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Stress management sessions

At landscape of life we combine a scientific understanding of the effects of stress on mind, body, emotions and behaviour.  With a range of effective interventions designed to guide, educate & support we can help you take control of stress in all aspects of your life. 

  • -Stress management program
  • -Individual stress management consultations

We recognise the importance of personally defined goals and provide an integrative approach, designed to deliver long-term solutions. We believe this powerful combination is the answer to living a happier, healthier, more connected life.

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Individual stress management sessions with Jo Gniel (held either in-person or via Telephone | Skype | FaceTime) can be arranged at intervals that suit your personal needs. The opportunity to check in with Jo on a regular ongoing basis is invaluable. If your stress management sessions are held in-person, they will be

@The Health and Wellbeing Studio
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